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how to buy google stock in nigeria review

How to Buy Google Shares in Nigeria

How to Buy Google Shares in Nigeria revealed. We tested and verified the best way to buy Google Shares in Nigeria.

This is a complete guide on how to buy Google Shares in Nigeria. 

In this in-depth guide you’ll learn:

  • What are Google Shares?
  • How to buy Google Shares in Nigeria? 
  • How to buy Google Shares for beginner traders?
  • Which broker can you use to buy Google Shares?
  • Which broker offers a signup bonus for first-time traders? 
  • Which brokers offer a $5 (2 077 NGN) minimum deposit for investing in Google Shares?
  • How many Google Shares should you buy?

And lots more…

So if you’re ready to go “all in” with the Google Shares for Nigerians…

Let’s dive right in…

Updated : July 21, 2022

👉 Definition: a share is a percentage of ownership in a company, such as Google,  or a financial asset. Investors who hold shares of any company are known as shareholders.

Step by Step how to buy Google Shares in Nigeria

Step 1: Select a reputable brokerage.

Step 1: Select a reputable brokerage.

👉 An online brokerage account allows you to buy and sell stocks. Furthermore, online brokerage accounts provide a wide range of research, instructional tools, and account types to help you achieve your investment objectives.


👉 Long-term investors, such as those saving for their children’s education or their own retirement, may want to consider putting their GOOG investments in tax-advantaged vehicles like IRAs (IRAs).


👉 If you’re saving for a down payment on a house or building wealth, a taxable brokerage account is a better option. It’s a good idea to do some comparison shopping to find the best broker in Nigeria for your needs.

Step 2: Determine how much money you want to put into Google stocks.

Step 2: Determine how much money you want to put into Google stocks.

👉 How much money do you have left over at the end of the month after paying all of your monthly bills? That is the amount you must save and invest.


👉 If you don’t already have an emergency fund and retirement savings, you should start now. However, you are free to invest the remainder as you see fit.


👉 You might not want to buy an entire share of GOOG stock at first. In this case, you might want to purchase a fraction of that share, also known as a fractional share. Some brokerages sell these traditional share sections.


👉 When you are ready, you can invest a large sum of money all at once or in small amounts over a long period of time using dollar-cost averaging.


👉 Regardless of the stock’s price, fixed dollar amounts of stock are purchased on a regular basis, usually monthly. It reduces your risk and lowers your cost per share in the long run.


👉 Consider how GOOG stock might fit into your overall portfolio if you have other investments. Investors who own Google should be aware of their other investments in large-cap technology firms.

Step 3: Create an investment strategy.

Step 3: Create an investment strategy.

👉 Before making any stock purchases, carefully consider your investment objectives. Investing in large quantities of single shares of any corporation is always risky.


👉 Google stock has a history of price volatility and can be greatly influenced by outside factors. While past performance is no guarantee of future results, you may face similar volatility in the future. Price fluctuations should be considered when investing in Google stock.

Step 4: Conduct thorough research on the GOOG stock.

Step 4

👉 Purchasing stock in a single company, even if it is a household name like Google, is an exciting prospect, but investors in Nigeria should proceed with caution and thorough research.


👉 Examine the annual and quarterly reports that publicly traded companies, such as Google, are required to file on a regular basis as a starting point for your evaluation.


👉 These reports are known as earnings reports or quarterly earnings in the financial press, and they contain a wealth of information on a company’s performance and finances.


👉 Once you have all of this information, you can use it to determine whether Google is a good investment.

Step 5: Choose the order type that you want to place.

Step 5

👉 You can use your brokerage platform to request to buy GOOG stock at the best current price, or you can use more complicated order types, such as limit or stop orders, to only acquire shares after the stock price falls below a specified threshold.


👉 If you place an order outside of the hours permitted by your brokerage, the purchase will be completed once trading resumes.

Step 6: Keep an eye on the performance of your GOOG stock purchase.

Step 6: Keep an eye on the performance of your GOOG stock purchase.

👉 It’s a good idea to monitor your investments and see how they’re performing. When evaluating the performance of Google or any other company, the annualised percent return is a good place to start.


👉 You can compare your investment to other investments using certain benchmarks to see how well it performed. Consider re-examining the initial data to see how the stock performance has changed over time.


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Google Stock Overview for Nigerians

👉 Google restructured its business and reincorporated as Alphabet, a holding company whose main subsidiary would be Google, the world’s dominant search company, in 2015. Investors were able to distinguish between the cash-cow Google and its money-losing “moonshot” investments in the “Other Bets” category as a result of the restructuring.


👉 Despite the split, there’s a reason Alphabet’s ticker remains GOOG; Alphabet is still essentially just a large proxy for its crown jewel, Google.


👉 The search engine behemoth controls more than 60% of the US market and, most likely, 80% or more of the global market share.


👉 The lifeblood of GOOG stock is digital advertising, a massive and growing industry that it dominates alongside Facebook (FB). Google sells ads against its search results for specific terms, and it also runs a vast ad network, placing ads on third-party sites in exchange for a cut of the revenue generated.


👉 With mobile overtaking desktop as the world’s preferred search device, Google’s Android operating system is becoming increasingly valuable; Android has a market share of 80 to 90 percent, and Google is the default search engine for Android.


👉 Aside from the search engine, some of the well-known products and services include YouTube, Gmail, Google Play, Pixel phones, Google Cloud, and the company’s expanding hardware business.


👉 Other Bets accounts for only about 1% of Alphabet’s overall revenue and loses a disproportionate amount of money. Google earned $8.76 billion in operating income in the fourth quarter of 2017, while Other Bets lost more than $900 million. Some of the most bizarre and long-term projects, such as Google Glass, self-driving cars, and anti-aging research, are housed here.


👉 Stock trading is the process of buying and selling shares on a stock exchange in the hope that the shares will rise in value. A share investment is when you buy and hold shares for a long period of time.


👉 The most common type of stock trading involves traders who buy shares when they are cheap and sell them when they rise in value, frequently on the same day. These traders are known as day traders, and they rely on small changes in the price of a stock to make small profits that accumulate across multiple instruments.


👉 Stock exchanges are the secondary market where all publicly traded company shares are listed. Exchanges function by connecting potential buyers with sellers on the exchange.


👉 This means that if you want to buy any shares of a company, you are doing so from other shareholders in the market who are looking to sell their shares on the stock exchange. Investing is essential in Nigeria if you want to grow your money and keep up with inflation.


👉 Inflation reduces the purchasing power of money over time. If you do not invest wisely, the value of your monthly salary savings will depreciate day by day.


👉 Investing in stocks in Nigeria has never been easier thanks to technological advancements. If you’re thinking about investing in the Nigerian stock market, you should know that it can provide lucrative returns in the medium to long term.


👉 The stock market is a gathering place for people who want to buy and sell securities to meet, communicate, and complete transactions. Stock markets, which also serve as an economic barometer, enable price discovery for corporate shares.


👉 Stock market participants compete with one another to find the best price, ensuring that the market is always open to new investors and offers a high level of liquidity.


👉 This means that market participants can trade stocks and other qualifying financial products on stock exchanges with complete confidence and little to no operational risk. According to the regulator, stock exchanges operate as both primary and secondary markets.


👉 IPOs (initial public offerings) enable companies to sell equity to the general public for the first time on the stock exchange.


👉 This activity assists businesses in obtaining financing from a variety of sources. A division of a corporation (say, into 20 million shares) and the sale of a portion of those shares (say, 5 million shares) to the public at a price (say, $10 per share) are two examples of this.


👉 A firm must have a market to sell these shares in order to make this process more efficient. This type of exchange is facilitated by the stock market.


👉 Investors will be given stock in the company, which they can keep for a set period of time in anticipation of a rise in the share price and dividend payments. Companies and their financial partners pay the stock exchange for the services it provides in this capital-raising process.



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👉 Google’s stock is one of the most well-known on the market today. Continue reading to find out how to buy Google stock in Nigeria.

Pros and Cons of Buying Google Shares


👉 There are only a few companies in the world that can claim to have power comparable to Alphabet Inc. (Nasdaq: GOOG, GOOGL). And GOOG stock has performed admirably since its initial public offering in 2004.


👉 However, the company behind the world’s leading search engine is no longer the growth engine it once was. Furthermore, its competitors are becoming more powerful, and for the first time in Silicon Valley, it is an open question whether Google will lose its search mojo sooner rather than later.


👉 The first sales of GOOG stock occurred in the 1990s. People were astounded by this step by the company because, at the time, it was surviving solely on search business. Google now has a plethora of portals available on the internet. These portals have forced other companies to compete for market share. AOL, Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, and many others are among these companies.


👉 Searching on Google generated a lot of revenue for the company, prompting it to launch GOOG stock. The NASDAQ GOOG (GOOG stock price) has become popular among investors, and many of them have purchased Google shares. In 2004, the growth of shares on IPO increased tenfold.


👉 The coronavirus pandemic kicked off the year 2020. As a result, the company suffered a loss, and the stock fell by 2%. Investors began purchasing the company’s stock. There are numerous benefits and drawbacks to purchasing Google stock, some of which are discussed below.


👉 Here’s a quick rundown of the Mountain View, California-based technology behemoth, its main lines of business, and — most importantly for prospective investors — the benefits and drawbacks of owning GOOG stock.


Pros of buying Google shares in 2023

👉 The first and most obvious benefit of owning Alphabet stock is simply owning a piece of the world’s largest search engine.


👉 Its core search and advertising model remains dominant in its markets and evolves as the advertising market shifts from online to mobile.


👉 The consistent year-over-year increase in total paid clicks suggests that no other search company will meaningfully cannibalise its mobile share.


👉 The company’s search dominance can be summed up by the fact that the word Google is now used as a verb to indicate when someone is going to use a search engine, which is a huge advantage for any company selling a product or service.


👉 Aside from its big-time search engine cash cow and exceptional brand, the second “pro” to owning GOOG stock is the company’s investment in diversification: self-driving cars, YouTube, artificial intelligence, cloud, and voice search.


👉 In the long run, several of these areas have game-changing potential that could usher in a new era of growth for GOOG shareholders: AI and self-driving cars, in particular (AVs).


👉 Alphabet’s Waymo subsidiary is already a market leader in AVs, and Alphabet’s R&D investments in artificial intelligence have elevated it to the ranks of the best AI firms.


👉 Because of the company’s Android operating system, Google stock will prosper with the help of mobile. This operating system is used in the mobile phones of many mobile manufacturing companies. Other apps include AdMob, Google Maps, Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and so on. It is expected that mobile will boost the search business while also increasing revenue. People can conduct as many searches as they want on their mobile devices because it is a personal devices. They can also choose to click on the ads of their choice.


👉 Another benefit of investing in GOOG stock is the video that is displayed on YouTube. Its YouTube video service is at the heart of the transition of video content from traditional media to online, as online video consumes an increasing share of traditional TV advertising budget.


👉 YouTube has become the most popular platform for sharing videos, and it also allows you to download them. Advertisers can also publish their ads on YouTube. Because traditional advertising media was slow, companies are now focusing on digital marketing, with Google being the most prominent brand in this field.


👉 The company’s revenue has grown and continues to grow. People should not be concerned about investing in Google stock because the rate of growth is consistent.


Cons of buying Google shares in 2023

👉 Google’s App Store is under greater antitrust examination, raising the specter of regulatory risk. 


👉 There are very few companies that have successfully launched their software and hardware, and Google has had little success with hardware. Google’s acquisition of Motorola was a significant blow to the company’s hardware business, so Motorola was sold to Lenovo.


👉 One of the most significant disadvantages of purchasing Alphabet stock is the existence of Amazon.com (AMZN). Not only does it exist, but it is attacking Google on all fronts.


👉 Amazon’s encroachment into voice search — perhaps the future of search itself — where it’s Alexa virtual assistant has a huge first-mover advantage, is perhaps the greatest long-term risk to GOOG.


👉 Amazon is also capturing digital advertising dollars as marketers shift spending to Amazon.com’s expanding platform and more and more profitable product searches begin on Amazon rather than Google. Amazon Web Services is the clear market leader in cloud computing, with Google Cloud chasing it, and Jeff Bezos’ ruthlessly opportunistic company is also devoting time, energy, and resources to AI.


👉 Another source of concern is the looming threat of regulation, which is making increasingly prominent headlines. When politicians begin to use the phrase “too much power” in relation to corporations, the regulatory climate rarely improves.


👉 Finally, GOOG stock is arguably overpriced. Alphabet is not the most outrageously priced company in the market, nor is it the most overpriced in Silicon Valley — but there appears to be a moderate cyclical overvaluation, and GOOG shares are affected by this.


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Should You Invest in Google in 2023?

👉 Alphabet is not a perfect stock, and it is not the only one. However, the company has a tremendous competitive advantage in search, and it works hard to innovate and stay on top of its cash cow while diversifying its business and researching areas for future dynamic growth.


👉 Google has made mistakes. Its ventures into hardware and social networking have been a flop. But, hey, Google has a hugely innovative workforce — and a lot of money. As a result, the company may still be able to succeed.


👉 Furthermore, Google already has enviable positions in critical markets such as mobile and video. These will provide a lot of growth fuel. In addition, the company should be able to leverage core technologies in new markets such as wearables and the Internet of Things.


👉 True, Google is working on a number of projects, and the company could easily become distracted. However, the good news is that it has been able to find ways to manage its operations over time. This is something that investors can reasonably expect to continue.


👉 So, should you invest in GOOG? Yes, the company is a good bet for investors looking to gain exposure to mega markets.

Best Brokers for Buying Google Shares in Nigeria


Exness Nigeria

👉 Overall, Exness is considered a low-risk broker and can be summarised as a trustworthy and reliable market making broker for buying Google Shares in Nigeria. Regarding spread and security, Exness guarantees fast trading speeds from a few milliseconds when purchasing GOOG shares. In terms of users, Exness has over 204 000 registered clients in the UK.



Hotforex Nigeria

👉 Hotforex is a trustworthy London-based Forex and commodities broker founded in 2010 that is FCA licensed and its HF App provides Nigerian traders with access to buying Google shares in Nigeria. As a Hotforex client, Nigerians get access to more tradable assets than with other brokers, such as speciality CFDs, over 34 ETFs and 950 stock DMAs, as well as 53 different currency pairings, share CFDs, commodities, and bonds.



Pepperstone Nigeria

👉 Overall, Pepperstone is considered a low-risk broker and can be summarised as a trustworthy and reliable agency-execution broke for purchasing Google Shares in Nigeria. Regarding spread and security, Pepperstone guarantees fast trading speeds from a few milliseconds when buying GOOG shares in Nigeria. In terms of users, Pepperstone has over 8000 registered clients in the UK.



Tickmill Nigeria

👉 Overall, Tickmill is considered a low-risk broker and can be summarised as a trustworthy and reliable ECN broker for buying Google Shares in Nigeria. Regarding spread and security, Tickmill guarantees fast trading speeds from a few milliseconds in order to purchase GOOG shares in Nigeria. In terms of users, Tickmill has over 38 000 registered clients in the UK.



FxPro Nigeria

👉 FxPro, founded in Cyprus in 2006, is headquartered in London and licensed by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) since 2010. FxPro offers lightning-fast trade execution to the benefit of clients who want to engage in buying Google shares in Nigeria. The majority of trades are filled in within 14 milliseconds and the company serves about 1.8 million client accounts in 173 countries, including Nigeria.


Broker Comparison

🥇 HotForex🥇 Exness🥇 Pepperstone🥇 FxPro🥇 Tickmill
💻 Trading PlatformMetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTraderMetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, Exness Terminal, Exness Trader app• MetaTrader 4,
• MetaTrader 5,
• cTrader,
• TradingView,
• Myfxbook,
• DupliTrade
MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 and cTraderMetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5
💰 Withdrawal FeeNoNoNoNoNo
✔️ Demo AccountYesYesYesYesYes
📈 Min Deposit41 453,00 Naira41,000 Naira60,700 Nigerian Naira41 453,00 Naira41,500 Naira
📊 Leverage1:10001:20001:2001:8881:500
💸 SpreadFrom 0.3 pipsFrom 0.0 pips EUR/USDFrom 0.0 pipsFrom 1.58 pipsFrom 0.0 pips
💳 CommissionsNone$3.5 on Zero AccountUSD 0.04 (USD 0.08 round turn)$4.5 per lot round turn2 per side per 100,000 traded
🛑 Margin Call/Stop-OutNoneNone50%/0%None100%/30%
📲 Order ExecutionInstantNoneInstantInstantInstant
💰 No-Deposit BonusNoNoNoNoYes
💳 Cent AccountsYesYesNoNoNo
💻 Account Types• Islamic account
• Micro Account,
• Premium Account,
• Zero Spread Account,
• Auto Account,
• PAMM (Premium) Account
• HFcopy Account.
• Standard Account, Standard Cent Account,
• Raw Spread Account,
• Zero Account, Pro Account
• Standard account,
• Razor Account,
• Professional Account,
• FxPro MT4
• FxPro MT5
FxPro cTrader
• Islamic Account.
• Pro Account, Classic Account,
• VIP Account
⚖️ CBN RegulationNoNoNoNoNo
💰 NGN DepositsYesYesYesNoNo
✔️ Nigerian Naira AccountYesYesNoNoNo
📞 Customer Service Hours24/524/724/724/524/5
🛍 Retail Investor Accounts25241
☪️ Islamic AccountYesYesYesYesYes

Best Mobile Apps to buy US Stocks in Nigeria

👉 It used to be difficult for a Nigerian or non-US citizen to acquire and invest in US securities. However, thanks to technological advancement, Nigerians can now invest in the US stock market using their smartphone, tablet, iPad, or computer.



Investnow.ng Nigeria

👉 This software provides a comprehensive internet trading platform for Nigerians. It also provides new investors with regular stock recommendation options, as well as a variety of services such as dividend management, certificate administration, and registrar handling.



Leadtrader Nigeria

👉 Leadtrader is well-known among stock apps in Nigeria for having the lowest brokerage fees, with commissions as low as 0.75 percent in some cases. When you give them permission to trade on your behalf, the commission can reach 1.35 percent of the total.



Rise Nigeria

👉 Rise is more than just a stock trading app; it can be thought of as a global asset management firm. It offers dollar-denominated investments in which you can put your money to work while watching its value rise.


👉 As a result of this arrangement, Rise skilled fund manager trades on your behalf. In addition, you can invest in real estate, fixed assets, or stock asset investments.



Ameritrade Nigeria

👉 Meristem Securities’ software provides traders with a secure platform from which to trade using their mobile phones. Furthermore, it offers a diverse range of companies to choose from, with assets in both domestic and international markets.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Can I buy stock directly from Google?

No, Google stock should be bought through a stockbroker in Nigeria, whether it is offshore or based locally, as Google stock can be purchased online through your selected broker.

Is Google stock a good buy in 2023?

Most analysts consider Google stock to be a good growth investment in 2023 for investors in Nigeria and elsewhere. That said, a. general rule is not to have more than 10% of your total portfolio in one stock.

What is the best way to buy Google stock?

To buy Google stock, investors in Nigeria should take the following steps:

  • Choose a reputable stockbroker
  • Decide on your investment amount
  • Set up an investment plan
  • Do enough research on you GOOG stock
  • Determine the order type
  • Continue to monitor the performance of your GOOG stock
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